A forest for “supersalone”


The colours and scents of two hundred trees are the stars of the Forestami installation inside and outside “supersalone”

A stunning forest of greenery will welcome and accompany “supersalone” visitors to the East Gate turnstiles at the Rho, Milan Fairgrounds, with some hundred trees providing a fascinating and original setting, thanks to the partnership between the Salone del Mobile.Milano and Forestami. This immersive and sensory experience will engage the public and prepare them for an exhibition with the accent firmly on sustainability. The “forest” doesn’t simply stop at the entrance but winds its way to the heart of the event, where another hundred tall trees will welcome guests into the various exhibition spaces and the many rest and relaxation areas.

The “urban forest” is made up of many different species: acer, horse chestnut, hornbeam, ash, golden and ruby Robinia, Judas tree, gingko biloba, apple, Paulownia, plum, oak, rowan and lime trees. “supersalone” and Forestami’s aim is to make people reflect on two major benefits of greenery in cities – combating pollution and creating social gathering places. All the trees – which have been donated to Forestami by the Salone del Mobile.Milano – will subsequently be planted in the Metropolitan City of Milan area in new rows, single trees and thickets that will help design the landscape of Milan’s great “green lung.” Planting trees, increasing their presence along roads, in squares and courtyards, and on the roofs and façades of our homes is actually the most effective, economic and engaging way of slowing global warming, cutting energy consumption, cleansing the air we breathe of particulate matter and improving people’s wellbeing.

All the plants at “supersalone” have been supplied by the Pistoia-based MATI 1909 nursery and each of them will bear a QR code leading to the Forestami.org website, through which donations can be made towards the project promoted by the Metropolitan City of Milan, the Municipality of Milan, the Lombard Region, Parco Nord Milano, Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, the  ERSAF Regional Agency for Agriculture and Forestry, and the Fondazione di Comunità Milano, University of Milan and University of Milano-Bicocca. The project envisages the planting of 3 million trees by 2030, to purify the air, improve life in the greater Milan area and combat the effects of climate change. It is the outcome of research carried out by the Polytechnic University of Milan thanks to the support of Falck Renewables and FFS Sistemi Urbani.

18 August 2021