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bla station, oppo, salone milano

Blå Station, Oppo, design Stefan Borselius

In their DNA there is a strong focus on wellbeing, respect for nature, recycling and environmental impact. Beauty comes with function. If something works perfectly – it’s beautiful. Conversation with Johan Lindau, designer and owner of Bla Station

Role of individual leadership or teamwork, in which of these aspects do you recognize yourself? With respect to the alternation of generation and family relationships

Blå Station has from the very beginning formed our company body as if we were a family. Blå Station is a family company – founded by the late Designer Börge Lindau and two of his kids Mimi and Johan. Our path has always been – and hopefully will continue to be the way of a teamwork. We believe in the desire of working as a team with a family feeling – not by duties appointed from above. But all companies need a leader, a structure, a vision. We have that.

Concerning generational change is always very complicated – especially if there are more than one family or siblings involved, which in this case there are.

bla station, founder, salone milano

Börge Lindau, founder

Was there a turning point for you and therefore for the company?

Turning point? Well from outside there was a turning point when our father passed away 1999, but our father had already appointed me as CEO and with the freedom to develop the company in the direction we, me and my sister, believed in 1991, when I was just 28. But it should take another 10 years to see the changes – when our design and our design process no longer cared about the market and what was viable. We became totally free and didn't care about any expectations from others than ourselves. Yes, you could say that a new form of freedom and a kind of turning point came at the turn of the millennium.


A product you are particularly attached to (for beauty, sustainability, innovation)?


All products are like your children, you love them all – but there are of course products that have a complicated story, a birth that was on the edge of being. Products like that are of course innovations like - Innovation C (2002), Sting (2003), Oppo (2009), Dent (2013) and of course BOB the revolution (2017).

Blå Station has since the start 1986 working very focused on innovations, sustainability, and function – but never with beauty. Beauty comes with function. If something works perfectly – it's beautiful.   

stand, bla station, salone milano

Blå Station, stand Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, set design Stefania Barba

Any anticipations about the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023?

The novelties for 2023 is focusing on the young recent graduated designer Johan Ansander who has done for 2023 a continuation of the massive wooden chair Maximus into something totally different. We are also in the development of a very innovating chair (we have failed 3 times so far) designed by Johan Ansander. “Probably the most beautiful chair in the world”. But, we also have families growing.


The role of technology and digital transformation, change of fate in the family business?

One could never hide from the transformation of society and the development of technology and the digitalization – if you try – that will be the end of your family business. Get good friends – that is the only way.


How are you facing this economic, social moment?

All times have difficulties – so your task will be to find possibilities. Crises and downturns are the mother of innovations. So, just wait and see how the future looks like – see you at a fair near you.

bla station, bob, salone milano

Blå Station, Bob, design Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius

bla station, bob, interior, salone milano

Blå Station, Bob, design Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius

bla station, dent, salone milano

Blå Station, Dent

bla station, sting, salone milano

Blå Station, Sting, design Stefan Borselius and Fredrik Mattson

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
5 January 2023