6 Instagram profiles inspired by the Mediterranean aesthetic

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We are almost at the end of the season, but the nostalgia for the sea is already felt. Masses of shared content with hashtags relating to the iconography of the Mediterranean Sea abounds, with magical colours, buildings and interiors that have seen this sea become an inimitable emblem of summer aesthetic perfection

Autumn is approaching. As the sun sets ever earlier, the nostalgia for the beach and swimming is starting to make itself felt. Thankfully, for now we are still able to scroll through our feeds in search of gorgeous photos, magical views and pry into the fascinating lives of other people. This is where the many shared posts with hashtags referencing the Mediterranean aesthetic come in. The light, the sea, bleached white houses backing onto cliffs, brightly-coloured or spare interiors and a glass or two of white wine set against a backdrop of luxuriant vegetation are the main characteristics of many of the images posted each day. Obviously this is true of the summertime particularly, when millions of tourists spend their holidays among the harbourside alleyways, deserted beaches and limestone houses, but in actual fact, these visual characteristics transcend the seasons and exert a calming influence even on the coldest, greyest winter evenings, as if wanting to remind us that the sun will shine again and we will once again discard our heavy overcoats and thick jumpers and smile at what life has to offer.

Mediterraneandecor is one such. What with swimming pools carved out of the rock, linen drapes, made-to-measure sofas and villas perched high above the sea, it’s impossible not to feel even a slight longing to be teleported into the blue sea glimpsed on the horizon in just about every photo.

The Mediterrain bio says it all: “Escape to the Mediterranean” (as perhaps does the name itself, which includes “terrain”), which makes complete sense. Fruit and vegetables, terraces furnished in a minimalist key, but also nature – the protagonist, infusing the feed with its colours, providing a real feast for the eyes.

As its name suggests, the Nua_architecture account focuses largely on the architectural style and interiors of the villages and more or less sophisticated homes dotted along the Mediterranean coastline. Villas, pools, shades of white and natural light illuminating everything are just some of the elements that make this feed elegant and extremely harmonious.

More and more often, we’ve taken to spending a few days on some Mediterranean island (or see a contact doing so). Italian, Spanish or Greek – no matter which, the effect of those little blue or white-coloured houses clambering along the coastline, cacti and fig trees are often the things that help up forget that we’ll have to pick up our everyday lives again when we get back. Palmerashideway features moments just like these. The same pretty much goes for Calmdecoration, its Instagram handle making its intention clear to its followers, bestowing calm through images connected with the now cinematographic and iconic Mediterranean summer.

Lastly, yet another reminder of the bond between this sea and architecture - it is no accident that architects such as Ricardo Bofill and Gio Ponti underscored this indissoluble bond, designing villas for intellectuals and members of the jet set that laid down actual canons.

In_discipline_architecture features more contemporary constructions and interiors, more minimal than the examples just cited, it has to be said. But the atmosphere very often remains the same, the one that probably influenced the great architects and which continues to grip millions of user ops, people and creatives from all around the world: the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea.