Washbasins, sometimes called washbowls, are essential furnishings for bathrooms and toilets. In addition to performing a practical function, over time washbasins have become veritable design objects that help create a refined style within the home or in a public space.
So washbasins not only serve functional purposes, but also offer a wide range of design options to meet the aesthetic needs of each person. Whether it's a modern countertop washbasin, a minimalist wall-hung washbasin or an artistic freestanding washbasin, these elements can transform a simple bathroom into a welcoming space. Choosing the right bathroom washbasin is essential to create a decor that reflects your style and personality.

Bathroom washbasins

Bathroom washbasins are generally available in a variety of different materials, such as ceramic, glass or stone. They can be chosen specifically to match the rest of the furnishings or create an elegant contrast. A stone washbasin, for example, can easily fit into a bathroom where the other predominant material is marble, two materials that today are increasingly loved and sought after, together giving the bathroom an eternal and timeless style.

Bathroom washbasin with cabinet

For the optimal organization of the space and the arrangement of the essentials for personal care, you can choose a bathroom washbasin combined with a cabinet: a practical and functional choice. This solution means you will have everything you need handy, a detail not to be underestimated, especially at those times of day when time is of the essence, like getting ready in the morning before leaving home. A cabinet with a built-in washbasin can be single or double, depending on personal needs. A bathroom cabinet with double washbasin is particularly useful in families or situations where more than one person has to share the bathroom without waiting.

Countertop washbasin

The countertop washbasin is characterized by the position of the washbasin sitting on the worktop or cabinet, creating a modern visual effect. Countertop washbasins can be installed on specially designed furniture or existing furnishings, and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, allowing for complete aesthetic customization.

Wall-mounted washbasins

Wall-mounted washbasins, also known as suspended washbasins, are a sophisticated and minimalist choice. Mounted directly on the wall, they create a neat and tidy appearance, freeing up floor space and facilitating cleaning. They come in different shapes and sizes, adapting to any type of bathroom and square footage. Wall-mounted washbasins are particularly suitable for small bathrooms, as they create the illusion of additional space and are excellent solutions for all those cases in which it is not possible to install a washbasin with a floor drain.

Freestanding washbasins

Finally, freestanding washbasins are veritable works of art that stand out by their unique and surprising design. These washbasins, often made from refined materials such as ceramic, marble or stone, become, when installed, a central feature of the whole bathroom. Choosing a freestanding washbasin means favoring a luxurious and refined atmosphere for the bathroom.

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