Designer taps are a class of interior fittings focused on the design and manufacture of high-quality taps for bathrooms, shower heads and mixers and exclusive aesthetics. These products offer advanced features, such as water-saving systems or remote controls. On this page there are different models, from kitchen taps to bathroom taps.

Kitchen taps

Kitchen taps deserve special attention in the choice of interior design features. The tap will in fact be one of the most commonly used objects and one of the focal points of the entire room. The latest generation kitchen taps are often equipped with an intelligent device to detect movement and automatically deliver the water. 

Kitchen sink tap

The kitchen sink tap can offer a number of features to make daily tasks faster and optimize consumption. Many models come equipped with a removable sink shower to facilitate cleaning and washing dishes. But this is not all. Some models can memorize the preferred water temperature and activate the supply with voice commands.

Bathroom taps

The solutions proposed for bathroom taps on this page are devoted to both private bathrooms and contract projects. Highly technological and functional, both shower heads and bathtub taps can include a sensor to allow significant water savings, in the name of sustainability. 

Shower heads

Among the different components, shower heads are one of the parts most exposed to moisture. For this reason, they are created with materials of excellence to be durable while preserving their technical and design properties. Many solutions are also equipped with an anti-limescale system. The shower tap and shower head can offer different types of jets, including the rain effect, which creates a soft and pleasant flow of water, perfect for reducing stress and muscle tension and the cascading effect, a full and powerful jet to massage muscles and stimulate blood circulation. 

Shower column

A latest model shower column offers a wide range of advanced features integrated both in the central part and in the shower head. Among the most innovative innovations we find LED chromotherapy, which enables you to create a magical and relaxing atmosphere while showering, and hydromassage jets, which enable you to relive the experience of a real luxury spa. These models of shower columns are an excellent solution for those looking for a complete and personalized shower experience meeting all the needs of well-being and relaxation. 

Kitchen mixers and shower mixers

Today, mixers have become the most popular type of tap, both as a bathroom mixer for the tub or shower, and as a mixer tap in the kitchen. They consist of a single handle enabling you to control the flow of water, simultaneously adjusting the desired quantity and temperature. Thanks to their ease of use and elegance, mixers are a perfect choice for those looking for practical and functional taps, without sacrificing design. In addition, they can be made from a wide range of high quality materials, such as stainless steel or brass, which guarantee durability and long-lasting service.

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