TALK: Sustainability and Circularity in the Home Sector

June 8 th 2022 10:30 - 11:30 (CEST)
intesa evento talk

Pavillion 15, Arena “Design with Nature”

The talk Sustainability and Circularity in the Home Sector, organised by Intesa Sanpaolo and led by Anna Roscio, Head of Business Sales & Marketing at Intesa Sanpaolo, features the architect Mario Cucinella and Gianni Caimi, CEO of Caimi Brevetti, Daniele Lago, CEO and Head of Design at Lago, Tiziana Monterisi, CEO & Co-Founder of Ricehouse and Andrea Tagliabue, Vice President of Tabu. A discussion around what combining sustainability and circularity means in architecture, in furnishing and in the home sector and what guaranteeing sustainable and supply chains, materials and products involves in terms of the evolution of corporate production systems. The Intesa Sanpaolo Research Department will then hold a presentation on the macro-economic scenario and that of the furnishing sector.