HELENE BINET. Nature, Time and Architecture

April 18 th - 23 rd 2023 09:30 - 18:30 (CEST)
HELENE BINET. Natura, tempo e architettura

The work of one of the most prominent contemporary photographers,  Hélène Binet, shown through an original selection of images that explore the relationship between natural light and architecture, nature and time, and provide a visual narration of works by some of the leading masters of architecture. The set-up was devised to provide an opportunity for pause and reflection whilst visiting the fair. The exterior of a double architectural volume is covered in brushed aluminium, while the interior is covered in sheets of midnight blue felt, to create a powerful contrast between “in” and “out.” The felt covering the interior walls will highlight the exhibited works, and create a muffled, silent acoustic environment designed to provide a moment of suspended time as compared with the frenetic, teeming exterior. 


HELENE BINET. Nature, Time and Architecture
Curated by Massimo Curzi
Exhibition Project: Massimo Curzi
Pavilion 11


Photo Credits: Helene Binet Suzhou Gardens China 2018