FIAT BULB. The Edison Syndrome

April 18 th - 23 rd 2023 09:30 - 18:30 (CEST)
FIAT BULB. La sindrome di Edison

An exhibition that pays tribute to an object, the classic incandescent lightbulb, its intrinsic power bound up with its apparently simple, firmly embedded and therefore iconic and recognisable shape. A history of the contemporary lightbulb, through art and design, structured as a se-quence of lightbulbs that switch from their primary and pragmatic use into unsettling objects and small experimental installations, astonishing and paradoxical. Devised in a cyclical form and created from cool, industrial materials, far removed from any customary household function, the show revolves around the idea of the “seriality” of its subject, its apparent repetition as a form allied with its uniqueness as a work.

FIAT BULB. The Edison Syndrome
Curated by Martina Sanzarello
Exhibition Project: Martina Sanzarello 
Pavilion 15


Photo Credits: Kazuhiro Yamanaka-As long as I am dreaming 2002