A Conversation with MAD Architects

April 22 nd 2023 11:00 - 11:45 (CEST)
mad architects_talk23

With offices in Beijing and Jiaxing, Los Angeles and Rome, MAD Architects is one of the most active and pioneering architectural design firms in the world – bringing a particular focus to bear also on the needs of the human beings using the spaces they design. Their latest commissions include the Changchun airport terminal, in China, which will cater for 22 million passengers every year, and the plant-covered multistorey carpark for the new Milano Innovation District.


Title: Be the MAD, be the LIGHT
Speaker: Andrea D'Antrassi. Associate Partner at MAD architects 
Moderators: Amit Gupta, Founder and Editor-in-Chief STIR, and Samta Nadeem, Brand Director, Curatorial Director STIR

Curated by Annalisa Rosso

The relationship between Light and Architecture is unique and extraordinary. In nature, light is fundamental to activating the photosynthesis process; for MAD, light is a foundational element of its design philosophy, becoming emotional light. Shadows are not absence but involvement; light is not just openness but detail.


Euroluce, Aurore Arena, Pav. 13

Amit Gupta

Founder and Editor-in-Chief STIR

Amit is a creative thinker and curator in the field of architecture, design and art. He has worked over 3 decades breaking down barriers between creative disciplines while inventing ways to encourage cross-disciplinary debate, discourse and collaboration. He founded STIR as a media house and curatorial agency that strives to examine and amplify creativity of courage, diversity and respect, from world over.


Samta Nadeem

Curatorial Director STIR

Samta's interdisciplinary background equips her with a keen perspective on creative cultures and how they intertwine with contemporary complexities. A lighting designer, curator, critical thinker and creative director, she is passionate about engaging with issues of social and environmental injustice through design and discourse. Samta leads curatorial programming and communications at STIR.