Whether they are kitchen chairs to complete the dining room setting or office chairs for desks, this page presents the full range to furnish any space with functional and aesthetically appealing chairs and seats. The most varied shapes, materials and colors offer the luxury of choosing the best solution for your spaces.

Kitchen seats and chairs: from padded models to wooden chairs

Dining room chairs are one of the most important choices in furnishing not only the kitchen, but the whole house. The possibilities are endless: with or without armrests, with square or rounded forms, they can be made from various materials and combinations of materials, including wood, metal, plastic and fabric. Padded chairs complete the room with the delicacy desired in a cozy residential setting. The enveloping curves of seats of this type embrace the back giving the pleasure of enjoying a meal while completely relaxed. If you are looking for a more linear decor, there is and endless range of modern kitchen chairs that stand out by their light and restrained design. These chairs are perfect for contemporary kitchens with an industrial style with lines as their strong point. 

Kitchen stools and bar stools

Kitchen stools are perfect for an informal look, for having lunch or breakfast quickly without sacrificing comfort because of they often incorporate a footrest. They are versatile seats that can be put in different places about the kitchen. One of the commonest options is to put them by an island or counter to create an alternative dining area. Bar stools have always been a refined choice, standing for style and restraint. 

Office chairs: supremely ergonomic seating 

The office chair is designed to provide a comfortable experience of sitting and working at a computer or desk. It usually has an ergonomic design, with lumbar support to ease the lower back, a high back for the upper back and a headrest to avoid neck pain. Desk chairs can have padded armrests to reduce arm and shoulder fatigue and an adjustable tilt mechanism to enable you to choose the ideal sitting position to suit your personal preferences and the needs of the moment. In addition, office chairs often come equipped with wheels making 360° movement possible, so that you can move easily without having to get up.

Rocking chairs for living area or bedroom

Rocking chairs are timeless furnishing classics that today have evolved into exclusive designs, such as modern living room chairs. Their special structure means these chairs allow you to relax and rock gently, offering an enviable sitting experience. Their graceful aesthetics immediately convey an atmosphere of comfort and well-being to any setting. 

Garden chairs: folding chairs, benches and deck chairs

Garden chairs are designed to be used outdoors, in the garden, on a terrace or veranda and for this purpose they are made of weatherproof materials. Outdoor chairs are available in different styles, colors and forms, from the classic folding chairs, perfect for freeing precious space when not in use, to adjustable deck chairs, ideal for relaxing in the open, to benches or forms (backless benches), perfect for accommodating a number of people. Coordinated with tables and other furniture, garden chairs create a comfortable and inviting outdoor area.

Chairs: design and comfort

Modern chairs are capable of combining the comfort that has always been essential in these furnishings with an elaborate and surprising artistic quality. From colorful chairs to white chairs, from wooden chairs to plastic chairs, every product can be reinvented by experimenting with innovative materials, original shapes and creative design. 

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