Register your design

If you are considering registering your design at European level, this guided application form will help you file for a registered EU design in a few steps, in any of the 23 EU languages. 

The form is designed with built-in guidance and autocomplete options to help you register your design without any errors. An error-free application means your design can be registered in a matter of days. These tips have been put together so that when you file for a registered design, you can avoid making mistakes that may result in delays. 

Take a look at this short informational video to help you understand the process in a little more detail. Then, it’s time to apply!

The EUIPO facilitates free personalised consultations with intellectual property experts. Here are a few examples of what an intellectual property expert can help you with: 

• Is your design application likely to be accepted? 
• Is someone using your design without your permission?
• Are you being accused of infringing somebody else’s design rights?
• You want to appeal a decision on your application but need some guidance.

Apply and we’ll help you find an expert to assist you in your language. To request free personalised support and get additional information, click here

If you have questions about registering your design, you can also contact the EUIPO information centre at +34 965 139 100 or email