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Kerwan Round

Collection: Volare

Category: Tables and coffee tables

Visionnaire Kerwan Round dining table

The two materials, lacquered steel and marble, tensioned by concave and convex curves, make up a single basement with three-faced elements, while the mirrored surface ofthe curvedsteel reflects the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the marble top incorporates a dynamic touch with a rotating Lazy Susan element, infusing movement into the organic patterns of the marble veins.

Alessandro La Spada’s design graces the art of sculpting, inviting you to embrace technological research, craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Designed by
Alessandro La Spada
Alessandro La Spada
Kerwan Round dining table detail
Kerwan Round dining table
Product description
Dining table, marble top with bevelled edge, divided into three sectors with integrated lazy susan, flush mounted. Undertop in matt lacquered wood. Base covered with three concave surfaces in curved and polished marble with decorative profiles in curved polished stainless steel. The steel parts are available in the metallic finish selection.
Kerwan Round dining table
Product name

Kerwan Round


Alessandro La Spada


Steel, Marble

diam. 160-180-200 cm


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