Collection: Gustav

Category: Seating


Designed for the renowned furniture company Tivoli, the Gustav Chair Collection made its debut in early 2020 at a grand unveiling in Cologne. What followed was an intensive six-month testing period that involved rigorous destructive control measures to ensure compliance with both European standards and US regulations. Inspired by the iconic metal structure synonymous with Paris, the chair's unique design features elements in its legs that pay homage to this famous landmark. It is this distinctive touch that led to the chair's moniker - Gustav. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Gustav Chair prides itself on exceptional ergonomic design and comfort, catering to individuals of various sizes. The collection offers two distinct versions: one adorned with soft elements for a plush seating experience and another crafted entirely from wood for a more organic feel. Embodying the timeless elegance of mid-century style, the Gustav Chair seamlessly blends into a range of settings, be it private residences or commercial spaces. Its versatility and comfort make it a standout choice for those seeking a harmonious fusion of design and functionality in their interiors.

Tivoli production specializes in high-quality pieces of furniture combining modern innovation with timeless style to enhace any space.

Designed by
Studio Kononenko ID

Maso is a deep fusion of functionality and artistry. Its base, resembling a compass, reproduces precision and meticulousness in design, which become essential aspects in the art of furniture production. The base of the chair embodies the philosophy of balance between precision and beauty, reflecting the ideas of harmony and equilibrium. The gracefully crafted, bent backrest of Maso adds elegance and comfort. Each element carries refinement and style, serving as a focal point in any interior.