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Fine Italian craftsmanship for a new classic.

Fine Italian craftsmanship for a new classic.

Play the game in style until the very last minute – the 90th minute. The 90° Minuto foosball table features old-growth Canaletto walnut and crystal, a precious yet robust material.

Teckell reinterprets the great classics, transforming them into living objects. Solid wood – natural, elegant and enduring – is among the materials that elevate the Collections. For all those who embrace sustainability as the true form of contemporary luxury. In fact, Gianfranco Barban's family background helped sculpt and continually inspires his professional journey:
“In essence, I was born in this carpentry workshop. I loved spending time there and in the forest just outside our door.” – Gianfranco Barban, Teckell and Blab Italia CEO.

Long before there were words such as “sustainable” or “green,” Teckell was crafting objects with Mother Nature in mind – that is, gorgeous, 100% Italian objects made with fine materials that are cherished and handed down.

Wood is in Teckell’s blood.

Our first Calcio Balilla collection was created in a family-run carpentry workshop. The same artisanal and detail-oriented approach lives on today in each of our collections. Our designers are also constantly searching for ways in which to modernize Teckell’s tables while maintaining that delicate balance of craftsmanship, function and a pure style.


Shaping comfortable yet modern interiors.

The wood and chrome details that define Teckell 90° Minuto are also found in elegant, timeless interiors.  The table with its lean lines emanates a Scandinavian feel, blending in wonderfully in warm, harmonious environments while staying true to its 100% Italian roots, which guarantee quality and that extra special touch.

Timeless masterpieces.

Teckell has found the perfect balance between technology and craftsmanship. Master artisans are behind the creation of every single 90° Minuto foosball table. Just as past generations, they carve the Canaletto walnut structure and cut the extra clear glass but are now armed with the latest tools. CNC machines ensure unrivaled precision and significantly reduced waste. Computers help craft these works of art but don’t make them run.


Teckell true core stands in its artisanal heritage.

Teckell is not only the highest technological solutions and modern technologies.

Craftsmen create every Teckell piece with their rough and often wrinkled hands, living proof of their expertise. These hands, when they were still smooth, were taught the art

by a master craftsman who, in his day, had learned from another master craftsman. Generations who cut crystal, carve wood and mill metal to create the one-of-a-kind pieces in the Teckell collection.

Teckell 90° Minuto defines timeless interiors.

Teckell 90° Minuto defines timeless interiors.

Wood is in Teckell’s blood.

Wood is in Teckell’s blood.

Old-growth Canaletto walnut shapes iconic details.

Old-growth Canaletto walnut shapes iconic details.

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Designed by
Adriano design
Adriano design
Teckell 90° Minuto
Product description
Teckell 90° Minuto: fine design and exemplary Italian craftsmanship come together in a new classic.

• Canaletto walnut handles and scoring units.
• Shell perimeter in 15mm-thick crystal. The vertical plates are tempered glass; the curved ends have undergone a hot bending process. Every component is polished with cerium oxide.
• Players: one team in Canaletto walnut, the other in ash wood.
• Quick mount handles that fit perfectly and can be removed and replaced.
• Solid milled Canaletto walnut structure.
• Rod ends featuring two layers of shock absorption.
Rods are equipped with special, self-lubricating bearings so that they slide back and forth quietly, smoothly and quickly.
Telescopic bars
• Goals with polished stainless steel frames and handcrafted black nets.
• Playing field in 12mm-thick tempered clear crystal. Thick crystal structure increases the game’s speed.
• Hidden, adjustable feet for leveling table.
• Designed for indoor use.
Teckell 90° Minuto
Product name

Teckell 90 Minuto Wood


Adriano design


Steel, Crystal, Wood, Brass

L 140 W 76/174* H 92cm 75kg
L 55 W 30/68 ½* H 36 ¼ inches 165lbs

*table with rods



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