Tacchini Italia Forniture INTRODUCES


Collection: Cosmic collection

Category: Sofas and armchairs


©Andrea Ferrari 

Sofa Solar by Faye Toogood 

Calm and sophisticated manifesto of contemporary style, Solar sits at the heart of Toogood’s Cosmic collection. An upholstered sofa that at first glance appears as a stack of cushions. With its unmistakable blend of ingenuity and style, Faye Toogood invites relaxation upon these quilted piles. Solar merges sculptural forms and softness, offering a fresh interpretation of Tacchini’s iconic upholstery. The fabric intentionally crinkles, giving the seating a generous push. Solar boasts a relaxed aesthetic embodying the casual elegance of Faye Toogood’s studio. Its soft tactility sets it apart among Tacchini’s range of bold and captivating furniture.