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Curved Outdoor Kitchen

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Curved Outdoor Kitchen-Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection

Curved Outdoor Kitchen - Samuele mazza Outdoor Collection

Unique shapes, precious details, unusual finishes, cutting-edge technology, these are the ingredients for a kitchen designed to pave the way for new trends in outdoor luxury furnish.

The curved kitchen line is a true gem, regarding both the technology and the design. We aimed for a product with strong technical content but, at the same time, referred to the typical language of the designer’s brand.The rounded sides are a peculiar feature of this kitchen, and it is this detail that gives it its name. The base in synthetic resin, interwoven with visible feet in special finishes such as bronze, nickel or rose gold, follows the curved pattern of the main structure, which is made of iron treated for outdoor use. The iron doors are covered in porcelain stoneware with an exclusive metal finish for a kitchen that revisits the idea of cooking in the open air in an entirely new way. The technology and continuous research of material and style have led to the selection of a ceramic with a texture that creates a shiny metallic surface. The visual and tactile effect of this porcelain stoneware is a fantastic play on light that is both appealing and astonishing. The grandeur of the ceramic marble and the pride of the steel, used respectively in the tops and appliances, also ensures a great stage presence and resistance to atmospheric agents.

Curved Outdoor Kitchen-Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection

Curved Outdoor Kitchen-Samuele mazza Outdoor Collection