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Calma by Jorge Herrera for Sanycces

Calma is the space between one moment and another

In the design of Calma we have integrated several concepts and sensations. The first is calm itself, which is the space between one moment and another and also the ICHIGO-ICHIE concept, where the five senses live an unrepeatable moment.

Designed by
Jorge Herrera
Jorge Herrera

The designer Jorge Herrera has always wanted to create objects and spaces that were simple and essential, high quality and long lasting in terms of use, production and design. After years of international and multidisciplinary training, Jorge Herrera decides to further investigate all areas of the creative and technicalprocess in design by opening his studio in Valencia, Spain, in 2008. And from the beginning his works range is from product to branding and interior designs.
“My way of working and my style can be summed up in a few words: honest, simple and functional. I like to design furniture, lighting projects and home accessories that last over time, and that evoke the sense of beauty in its purest and most essential sense”
Today his approach to design is characterized by a clear search for a balance between simplicity, functionality and beauty: the pillars of his style and the fulcrum of his work. Each of his projects highlights the elegance and nobility of the materials -wood or ceramic, metal or new technological materials -enhancing their stylistic and material qualities.