Tavoli e Sedie

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Tavoli e sedie

SANGIACOMO presents its collection of accessories: sideboards, tables, chairs, small tables and desks designed to complete the living area, enhancing its aesthetics and enriching its liveability. A collection that explores different stylistic trends: from the multiple play of lines and volumes, empty and solid areas of Domino sideboards, to the refined elegance and dynamic versatility of Cabaret sideboards, to the other sideboards presented in new versions, with various types, sizes and finishes of feet, depending on the model. There is also a complete, contemporary choice of materials, ranging from metallic finishes, to ceramic tops and front panels, to new and seductive colours. Tables with minimalist forms and fine finishes, seating that combines design and comfort, desks that introduce diverse functions to the living space - these are the other accessories of a coordinated, harmonious project full of ideas.

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