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MAZURKA Black - Ø 31 cm Rim plate

Category: Accessories

Mazurka Black & Gold

This lively Louis XV period composition with scalloped and gilded contours is punctuated by 8 elegant and shimmering color chords.

These colorful pulsations in perfect harmony with the patterns in our catalog encourage the creation of tables that can be declined to infinity.

Gold in royalty underlines the festoons of this décor. Eight shimmering colours bring modernity to this Louis XV décor: Grey Blue, Ivory, Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, Turquoise and Green.

This collection is composed of

- 4 rim plate Ø 31 cm - Ø 27 cm - Ø 22 cm - Ø 16 cm

- 1 rim plate deep Ø 23 cm

- 1 coffee cup and saucer & 1 tea cup and saucer

- 3 petits fours stands Ø 27 cm - Ø 22 cm - Ø 16 cm