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Dafne Collection

Dafne Collection - Design Matteo Thun

The backrest and the shaped armrests define a comfortable single embrace. The profile is elegantly lightened by the opening of the backrest.

“Above all Dafne stands for simplicity, for technical and aesthetic durability. The chair unifies comfort, functionality, lightness and traditional craftsmanship.” – Matteo Thun
Dafne armchair

Dafne Armchair - design Matteo Thun

Particular attention is paid to the padding of the backrest and seat, generous in welcoming and supporting the body, marked by the precision of the seams.

A careful selection of coverings and finishes gives life to a customizable proposal, the soul of Dafne is a structure in solid beech wood.

Dafne Armchair - Armrests
Dafne Armchair - Front Side
Dafne Armchair - Back Side
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Dafne can furnish an elegant foyer, the lounge and the rooms of a hotel, a contemporary restaurant, the meeting rooms and any other relational space.

dafne collection
Product description
Dafne armchair combines comfort and functionality. The seat structure is in beech wood, the backrest and armrests are shaped and have a generous and enveloping padding. A careful selection of coverings and finishes gives life to a customizable proposal, which follows the evolution of hospitality and contract sectors.
dafne collection
Product name



Matteo Thun


Cotton, Eco-leather, Wool, Wood, Linen, Leather, Poliestere, Velvet



W 66 x D 61 x H 80 cm
W 26 x D 24 x H 31,5 inch


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Designed by
Matteo Thun
Designer Matteo Thun