Category: Kitchen furniture

Caldeira brazier

Design: Massimo Tasca 

Barbecue/brazier with parabolic bowl, equipped with 3 tapered steel supports, made entirely of corten steel, which make it look like a suspended disc. It can be used with wood logs or, thanks to the bottom grate provided, charcoal or briquettes.

Two independent semi-circular stainless steel rod grills are suspended above the fire with a support, which can be removed, made of circular plate with solid stainless steel rounds. Two carbon steel plates arranged on the sides allow for further expansion of the cooking surface.

By removing the support and steel rod grills, the barbecue transforms into a brazier, and with the dedicated supports available on request, it creates atmosphere and provides heat. A dedicated set of tools is available.

Barbecue/brazier with parabolic bowl

Designed by
Massimo Tasca