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Collection: ME

Category: Kitchen furniture


The ME line is the most forward-looking expression of Meson’s research into kitchen furnishings. The collections belonging to it share a door with an aluminium framework and glass fronts in cutting-edge materials. The ME world suggests a home concept in which the kitchen can extend its distinctive elements to other rooms, becoming the key to determining the whole interior architecture.

Meson’s best offering in terms of technology and innovation


ME_Slim. The aesthetic of the Slim collection is based on a tall, narrow door that extends upwards, beyond the height of the worktop, and downwards towards the floor, concealing the plinth. Pairing this feature with a sunken top – which limits and defines the work area – creates units with very clean and pure lines.


Together with their external finishes, aluminium is the key element distinguishing the Slim doors. Its light weight, strength and rigidity go along with its resistance to moisture and its recyclability. Thanks to aluminium, the doors of the new Meson’s collections weigh 45% of a standard door. This aspect also translates into convenience and durability. For really sustainable progress.


The simple and user-friendly opening system lets you appreciate the lightness and the constructive quality of every detail.


As well as creating a sculptural configuration of volumes when paired with base units standing on feet, the vertical Muretto element can also conceal any waste pipes and wiring.