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Workbox with tools

Collection: Lorenzi Milano

Category: Accessories


Walnut workbox with tools.

Tools that dust off old-time crafts and passions. The culture of tradition that is wisely handed down through its tools. In the three pull-out trays inside the toolbox made of Canaletto walnut, those that are needed and those that were needed find their place in their unique laser-engraved silhouettes, in an elegant temporal continuation of handcrafted and authentic craftsmanship.

The box contains: a set of nine slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, one set of nine different sized allen wrenches, fourteen combination wrenches, three pliers, a side cutter, electrician's scissors, a front cutter, parrot pliers, an adjustable roll wrench, a 5m rolling tape measure, an electrical cable stripper, a mechanical hammer and carpenter's hammer, a flashlight, a box cutter, a chisel and a wall spatula, and two leather zippered pouches to hold small parts or small accessories.

All made with craftsmanship and dedicated individually to each piece, whose stainless steel surfaces are cleaned and polished to a mirror finish embellishing the material, while the handles covered in leather with elegant sellier hand stitching.

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