Big lanterna solare MANDALEY

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Big lanterna solare MANDALEY

Ideal for placement on a terrace, at the edge of a path, at the edge of a pool, stationary or nomadic, the Mandaley lantern (85 cm high) will illuminate your garden with great charm. Equipped with a 500-lumen solar and USB rechargeable module, one of the most powerful and reliable on the market, removable, combining a high-efficiency solar panel, a micro USB C port for mains charging, a presence detector (detachable), two lithium batteries and 10 state-of-the-art LEDs, it spreads a warm, powerful light with an adjustable intensity of up to 500 lumens for between 5 and 200 hours - It can be recharged with solar power, daylight or via its USB C port (cable included)

The Mandaley is a large solar lantern that can be used to light driveways, patios and pool sides. It is equipped with an intelligent 500 lumens solar module.

Big lanterna solare MANDALEY
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