Collection: Château

Category: Kitchen furniture

Grand Palais 180

Grand Palais 180 and hood in Matte Black, trims, accents and handrail in brushed stainless steel. Château cabinetry

Château: the crown jewel of La Cornue commanding respect and admiration in any kitchen. 

Grand Palais 180

Grand Palais 180 and hood in Quintessential Teal Brilliant, trims in brushed stainless steel, accents and handrail in brushed brass, Château cabinetry.

Château 120

Château 120 in Dark Navy Blue, trims and accents in polished stainless steel, handrail in camel leather.

Château 150

Château 150 Cocoa trim, ornaments, and towel hanrail in polished stainless steel

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Château… a name full of promise and a cooking range that achieves real feats. Born from the inexhaustible creativity of André Dupuy, from the second generation of the founding family of La Cornue, this line appeared in 1964 and takes its inspiration from the ovens of yesteryear found in the castles of the Loire. After years of research, in search of ultimate perfection, it highlights La Cornue’s savoir-faire, and marks its place in the world of exceptional cuisine.

Each model is unique. Made to order and tailor-made, expertly crafted by hand in La Cornue workshops in the Paris region, always marrying performance and elegance. Choice of colours, finishes, configuration of the hob, gas or induction or even the possibility of engraving the name of the property or the owner on the La Cornue plate: everyone is free to imagine the cooker of their dreams, personalised down to the smallest detail.