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The natural wooden parasol

The continuous pole and robust frame made of eucalyptus wood give Piazzino its authentic aura and strong stability. Yet our high-quality wooden parasol also impresses with its ease of use: thanks to a pulley system, it is quick and effortless to operate. Honest, practical, Swiss. Timeless elegance, ease of use and reliability are what make Piazzino so popular. Its durable eucalyptus wood and the use of extremely robust plastic for highly stressed components such as the crown, runner and top are what give it its long service life. Its fabric is always under tension, as the parasol roof is height-adjustable thanks to the runner. Our Piazzino loves to provide natural shade. 

8 parts
Pole ∅ 48 mm
Pulley system for opening and closing, fixed with a metal pin
Fabric corners reinforced with (white) leather
Frame roof: round, square 

Frame colour
Fabric Quality 5, 4: colourless-varnished eucalyptus wood
Fabric Quality 2: red-varnished eucalyptus wood

Fabric Quality 5: polyacrylic, 300 g/m², UV protection > 98 %
Fabric Quality 4: polyester, 250 g/m², UV protection > 98 %
Fabric Quality 2: polyester, 220 g/m², UV protection > 98 %

Only available without

Protective cover
Included in delivery

Electrical accessories
Osyrion Spot LED with integrated battery pack