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mansArmadio 16

Category: Cabinets and containers

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Armadi su misura, Cabine armadio, mansarda, mansarmadio, sottoscala, sottotetto

A scaled attic wardrobe divides the living area from a storage compartment which is accessed via a portal with hinged door. The wardrobe is equipped with removable shoe shelves. The open wall develops thanks to the integration between the bookcase and the desk that can also be made with customized shapes.

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It is when the “Custom Size, No Extra Price” philosophy meets particularly complex spaces that it really comes into its own. This is the thinking behind mansArmadio, the new Ferrimobili brand to provide the best solution to situations normally considered diffi cult to furnish. The catalogue covers a variety of home furnishing situations, from the traditional attic to the area under the stairs, to a wardrobe, a wardrobe section or a storeroom ... proving that there are no limits to the potentials of “Custom Size, No Extra Price” solutions. The most complex, diversifi ed interiors can be viewed in three dimensions by scanning the QRcode provided. New wood-look fi nishes, new accessories and new details complete a collection that offers countless possibilities, with none of the limits found with standardised products.