Sedia Lupo 1945

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Exteta - Sedia Lupo 1945

The Sedia Lupo 1945 enclose its materials in sharp lines.

The dashing design is softened by the gentleness of the waves.

Designed by
Franco Albini
Exteta - Sedia Lupo 1945


Hypnotic waves

The chair, made of a series of consistent shapes, recalls some precious embroidery from another era. The wood fibers, woven together, are not only a decorative element but they also deliver a one-of-a-kind glamour to the design. 

Exteta - Sedia Lupo 1945


Strong essence

The scrupulous selection of the materials chosen for the Sedia Lupo is at the origin of a such a dignified craftsmanship. The grace never gives way to strength but the two elements complete each other, creating a pleasant and functional object. 

Exteta - Sedia Lupo 1945


Eminent roots

Franco Albini wrote the history of design. A Meticulous architect and a representative of the Rationalism movement, he always paired up this career with the one of the designer, experimenting with new shapes and materials. The Sedia Lupo can proudly boast his signature.

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