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MIA is Elite's new lifestyle bottle, totally made in stainless steel, ideal for both sports and everyday use.

Urban style, 

As it's an urban bottle, MIA is compatible with all bottlecages thanks to its 73 mm diameter which ensures an universal fit but also feature an elegant design which makes it ideal for everyday use.

This is why it's available in four color variants: black, green, black&silver and beige&silver.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Thermal, both on hot and cold liquids

MIA is available also as MIA THERMO.

MIA THERMO is a thermal bottle that maintains unaltered the temperature of the liquid it contains, up to 12 hours for hot liquids 24 hours for cold ones.

Credit goes to the Vacuum Technology the bottle is made with: two containers welded together to which stringent vacuum conditions are applied in order to create the best possible thermal insulation conditions for the liquids as it allows maintaining their temperature for longer periods.


MIA THERMO is available in 2 colours combinations: nera&silver and verde&silver


Always fresh and clean liquid taste

MIA is Elite's first bottle that features no plastic materials whatsoever, from its cap to its base.

Steel isn't just a very resistant alloy, it's also stainless as it's inert compared to those substances it comes into contact with: supplements, detergents and high-acidity drinks have no risk of corroding it.

It also maintains unaltered the organoleptic properties of the liquids it contains, constantly ensuring fresh and clean liquid taste.