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Yoku Spa

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Effe, Yoku Spa

Yoku Spa combines a sauna, Turkish bath and a generous central shower in a single product, your own personal spa with all the functions of a professional spa, so you can relive these ancient wellbeing practices. Three different designs available in three different types of wood and two kinds of grès porcelain mean the spa meets all aesthetic needs.


The key features of the Yoku Spa system are the large recessed glass wall in bronze smoked glass along the front and the vertical elements in natural wood which create the feeling of being outdoors, in the middle of a forest, bringing elegance and privacy to the heat experience. In the sauna comfort is provided by two benches of the same size and in the Hammam by one single, very deep seat. The bookcase can also be used as a separate element outside the spa, placing it next to the glass panels where it can act as a filter to create private, highly personalised spaces.

Designed by
Marco Williams Fagioli
Yoku Spa
Yoku Spa, hammam
Yoku Spa, hammam
Yoku Spa, detail
Yoku Spa, sauna
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Effe Perfect Wellness - Yoku Spa
Product description
Yoku Spa unisce sauna, bagno turco e una grande doccia centrale in una soluzione unica.
Effe Perfect Wellness - Yoku Spa
Product name

Yoku Spa


Marco Williams Fagioli


Ceramica, Legno, Vetro


con illuminazione integrata, prefabbricato, su misura

cm 444 x 170 x 214 h


Official website

https://www.effe.itSalone del mobile