LGM 2.0/Doors

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LGM 2.0/Doors

The dynamic and interactive storage unit: the space transforms itself with a simple movement

Lgm 2.0 is a multifunctional transforming system, for day and night. In this version, it is organised with a large bookshelf that, with a simple rotating movement, transforms itself into a ready-to-use double bed with slatted bed base and pull-out lateral night tables.

LGM 2.0/Doors
LGM 2.0/Doors

Day Version

LGM 2.0/Doors

Night Version

LGM 2.0/Doors

Tutti i materassi sono certificati OEKO-TEX e soddisfano i requisiti fondamentali di qualità dei materiali e di benessere dell’utilizzatore.
La collezione è stata studiata in collaborazione con alcuni dei principali produttori italiani di materassi per essere coniugata alla tecnologia dei nostri sistemi trasformabili nel rapporto pesi-dimensioni-meccanismi di articolazione.

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The new integrated and patented rotation device:
•     allows a fluid movement of the rotation system;
•     the objects placed on the shelves do not need to be removed when opening the bed;   
•     is adjustable in height to compensate for floor differences.

LGM 2.0/Doors

The new lock/unlock device of the revolving body and bed opening, with gas springs and totally hidden in the upright, acts simultaneously in two positions, for greater safety and maximum aesthetic cleanliness.

LGM 2.0/Doors

Pull-out night tables

LGM 2.0/Doors

Wired front with USB and Schuko sockets in the day/night versions.
The feet are adjustable in height.
Integrated led light.

LGM 2.0/Doors
Product description
LGM 2.0 Doors is a transforming multifunctional
system, for day and night, in the day version with hinged doors.
A simple rotating movement transforms it into the night-time set-up with double bed with slatted bed base and pull-out lateral night tables.

Lgm 2.0 is also available in the versions
in the price list:
• Book,
• Book with fixed table and free table,
• Tv with shelves,
• Tv with fixed table,
• Tv with free table,
• Doors with hinged doors.
LGM 2.0/Doors
Product name

LGM 2.0/Doors


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