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Every piano has its own history and it is absolutely a precious pice of art.

The restoration work of an antique piano is a very long and difficult process that must be done by professionist worker only.
We have expert artisans who devote themselves to the restoration process of antique pianos.

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We buy antique Steinwat & Son's piano and completeley restore them: the piano and its mechanica are totally disassembled, piece by piece.
We take off the old polish from the wooden frame, bringing it back in raw. Then we repair it and changed it according to our Client's requests model, carvings, bronzes, inlays, finishing, etc.
We re-polish the cast iron mechanic and we wholly revise it changing all the strings, felts, pins and the broken pieces with new ones. All the accessories are chromium-plated or 24kt gold plated according to their originality. Our pianos are perfectly working! We totally restore the ivory keyboard either, cleaning it, turning it white and replacing all the broken pieces. We buy antique Steinway & Sons' pianos because they are the best. However, we bought and restored many other kinds of wonderful pianos as Bluthner, Pleyel, Beckstein,... that are absolutely precious brands either.
Obviously, the restoration processes will be the same of Steinway ones'.