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ILTONDO concealed shower mixer

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ILTONDO concealed shower mixer

ILTONDO concealed shower mixer in Pastel Turquoise. Available in over 36 finishings.


Balance of lines that harmonize in refined proportions, for a simple and essential design. ILTONDO with its minimal shapes, is enriched with a personal and contemporary language.

ILTONDO set shower space

ILTONDO set shower space in Pastel Turquoise. Available in over 36 finishings.

The circle, symbol of harmony, balance and lack of oppositions, evokes the cycling of life.
It is the symbol of the spirit and the immateriality of the soul.
It is immutable, perfect, reassuring, without beginning and without end, it represents Time as a continuous succession of identical moments.
Nature offers infinite representations of it, which man declines in personal visions and inspirations: thus ILTONDO was born.

The simplicity of the lines and the perfectly calibrated proportions, "collide" with the vibrant strength of pastel colors, generating an unmistakable and original style.

This is what happens with the ILTONDO collections, in which lines and curves harmonize with the surrounding environment and give the bathroom an unmistakable identity of design and functionality

With four pastel-colored finishes and an embossed texture, taps and shower elements take on a fresh, clean and impactful new style.

ILTONDO concealed shower mixer
Product description
ILTONDO concealed shower mixer with automatic diverter with
2 outlet closure. G 1/2” inlets. Chrome
ILTONDO concealed shower mixer
Product name

ILTONDO concealed shower mixer


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