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Bamboo mini

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This year the Bamboo line is enriched by the new Bamboo mini version, a slimmer and less luminous version that extends its use to more intimate and less urban contexts, such as outdoor areas of residential, commercial or cultural structures.

The Bamboo line includes a series of luminous elements with grazing, rotosymmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution intended for lighting surfaces, green areas or walkways. Bamboo has been designed to obtain the best possible light and nothing has been added to the essence of its function. The formal simplicity, the mechanical sturdiness and the quality of the light distribution make it versatile for any application context. Bamboo has a diameter of 17 cm while Bamboo mini is only 11 cm. Both versions are available as bollard (h 38cm / 90cm) or as a grazing lighting system for walls, ceilings or floors (h 11cm).

The optical system offers a continuous and uniform light emission, without shadow areas and able to illuminate also the surface around the fixing base. The light distribution is wide and diffused. The sources are hidden in the upper part of the product to prevent glare. The matt black finish of the anti-glare cone reduces light pollution, avoiding unwanted upward reflections. The absence of a cylindrical plastic diffuser improves the performance of the optical system and guarantees greater mechanical strength.

Each product in the Bamboo line has been designed to last a long time and withstand even the harshest outdoor environments. Power and control source and assembly can be replaced for maintenance and upgrades to further extend product life. The main materials used to make the products are recyclable and the components are separable.

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Product description
Small poles with symmetrical or asymmetrical grazing light distribution, ideal for lighting green areas and path.
Product name

Bamboo mini


Cariboni group



Grazer : 110 X 110 mm
Bollard 400 : 110 X 375 mm
Bollard 900 : 110 X 900 mm
Production process
Body, collimator and fixing base in die-cast aluminum alloy
Steam pole in extruded aluminium alloy.
Optical unit made of wide opal polycarbonate


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