Helios - Cabinet

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Arcahorn - Helios, cabinet

Helios - Cabinet, mod. 7015EBL

Inspired by the imagery of the sun, the Helios cabinet is all about superior quality and unique materials.

Masterfully crafted from Makassar ebony veneer with gloss finish, Helios will be a handsome housing for your prized belongings. A central backlit handle in horn emanating a warm, suffused light elevates the piece to a timeless work of craftsmanship. 

Four doors with satin brass accents open to reveal ample storage space including four drawers and a shelf in matte lacquered wood, Malachite colour, lit by an integrated LED lighting system. The cabinet clean-lined silhouette stands on a satin brass base that brings a majestic feel to the piece.

Arcahorn, Helios mobile contenitore, dettaglio cassetti
Arcahorn - Helios mobile contenitore, maniglia
Arcahorn - Helios cabinet
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Helios is customizable in size and finishes and it’s also proposed in glossy black  or ivory lacquered wood. The version in glossy ivory lacquered wood is embellished by an elegant frame in Canaletto walnut veneer.