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antoniolupi MXTP, Custom DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custom DJ Desk - Carlo Colombo, Andrea Lupi and Albertino

MXTP is the innovative Custom DJ Desk that combines music and design. Different models of DJ devices on the market can be integrated by the console .A universal solution for residential or professional use, dedicated to all music lovers.


Albertino and Carlo Colombo launch for antoniolupi MXTP, an exclusive and customizable Custom DJ Desk capable of combining music and high-quality design; MXTP is the result of the unprecedented collaboration between Carlo Colombo's innovative design, antoniolupi's manufacturing experience, and the expertise in the world of music and DJs of Radio m2o's artistic director.

MXTP was born from an intuition of Albertino, a console table that is no longer limited to simple functionality but can also be a cult design object with a significant aesthetic character with extremely current technological elements and projected into the future. Carlo Colombo in designing it merged very soft and elegant forms into an almost futuristic object with accentuated aesthetic purity. For its realization, Carlo Colombo and Albertino then turned to Andrea Lupi of antoniolupi, a visionary and forward-looking entrepreneur who immediately accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm. Immediately after the meeting between the three in November 2023, the realization phase began-which includes 3 finishes, in black, gray and gold-for the exclusive presentation planned at the next Salone del Mobile.Milano.

The acronym "MXTP" is meant to represent a new concept of mixtape, combining elements of design and innovation inspired by the shape and functionality of cassette tapes. Seen from above, the perimeter of the console top is indeed reminiscent of the shape of the cassette tape, for a fusion of elements intended to create a distinctive and innovative identity for this product, capable of combining reminders of the past, needs of the present and echoes of the future. In fact, MXTP does not merely respond to the needs of the present, but somehow anticipates future trends and frontiers in entertainment design.

The aesthetic purity of the design is emphasized by the fact that all cables are hidden within the leg structure. This approach contributes to a clean and uncluttered appearance, eliminating cable clutter and maintaining a smooth and elegant aesthetic line. The two legs, in addition to supporting the top, play at the same time a discreet and elegant solution to manage wiring.


Thanks to its line MXTP integrates harmoniously not only into spaces dedicated purely to music listening but can fit into any home environment without looking out of place. This flexibility in design allows the Custom DJ Desk to adapt to a wide variety of living contexts, heightening its versatility and aesthetic value.

MXTP is designed to be customizable to the highest degree and was born as a universal solution for deejays and music lovers because it can accommodate the different models of devices on the market that differ in size or format: Mixers, CD Players and Standalones fit perfectly into the shell thanks to the different designed tops. In addition, MXTP is already structured to also accommodate machines that use large vinyl records.

Designed by
Carlo Colombo
antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

antoniolupi MXTP, Custpm DJ Desk

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