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Annibale Colombo Officinale Collection

The choice to design outdoor pieces enjoyable also indoor derives from the fact that nowadays living expands towards the outside, to become a unique and polyfunctional convivial space. The collection is composed of a comfortable sofa, armchair, chaiselongue, dining table, small armchairs, etagere and
cabinet: a cheerful family of unconventional aspect, with a great visual impact and strong personality. The elements in solid wood and stainless steel 316 are the main features of this collection. The distinguishing form of the seats evokes the morphology of small islands in a marine landscape and neatly expresses the idea of movement, highlighted by noticeable sartorial seams plastically decorating the surface.

Annibale Colombo Officinale Collection

Art. A1695 armchair and Art. A1694 sofa, in teak e stainless steel aisi 316

Annibale Colombo Art. A1696

Art. A1696, chaise longue in teak and stainless steel Aisi 316.

Dimensions: H.81 - W. 110 - D. 186

Annibale Colombo A1694

Art. A1694, three seater sofa in teak and stainless steel Aisi 316.

Dimensions: H.81 - W. 245 - D. 120

Annibale Colombo  - Art. C1752 - A1749

Art. C1752 Table in teak and stainless steel Aisi 316, narble top.

Dimensions: H. 76 - Ø 150

Annibale Colombo - Art. E1755

Art. E1755 Etagere in teak and stainless steel Aisi 316, marble top.

Dimensions: H.186 - W. 113 - D. 55

Annibale Colombo - Art. D1753

Art. D1753, Etagere in teak and stainless steel Aisi 316, marble top.

Dimensioni: H.90 - W. 165 - D. 55

Annibale Colombo Officinale
Annibale Colombo Officinale
Annibale Colombo - Art. D1753
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Giovanna Azzarello
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