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9010novantadieci presents an absolute novelty in the world of outdoor lighting: OOLITE CUP, born from the collaboration with Maurizio Quargnale!

OOLITE CUP, while maintaining its primary function as a light element, expands the relationship between light and nature, realizing itself as a container of water or small seeds, and thus becoming a valid refreshment point for birds and other creatures.


The shape of the soft curves in fact has in the upper part a basin capable of containing natural delights, or a basin of essences to become a diffuser of aromas and perfumes.

OOLITE CUP is available in the SMOOTH version, with a smooth texture to ensure maximum effectiveness of the container, and in all the six colors of BETALY® material. OOLITE CUP is also featured in the February issue of Gardenia magazine!

Meet the designer!

Maurizio Quargnale is a designer and lighting designer always oriented to a "gentle" approach to the environment.

His challenge is to create sustainable light objects, respectful of the context in which they will be inserted in which the synthetic and functional design dialogues perfectly with the vegetation often becoming part of it as an element of continuity almost not distinguishable but of great effect.

La collaborazione tra Maurizio Quargnale e 9010 ha portato alla creazione di due esclusivi design: OOLITE, nelle sue sei declinazioni, e i segnapassi TOOTH e TOOTH SMALL.

9010-Maurizio Quargnale