Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

€ 176.00 per sq.m. + VAT - if due - for a stand with one open side
€ 184.00 per sq.m. + VAT - if due - for a stand with two open sides
€ 192.00 per sq.m. + VAT - if due - for a stand with three open sides
€ 195.00 per sq.m. + VAT - if due - for a stand with four open sides

€ 15.00 per sq.m. + VAT - if due - supplement fee for first time applicants or for those companies that have been absent for the last two exhibitions
€ 4.31 per sq.m. + VAT - if due -  for obligatory lump sum services
€ 400.00 + VAT - if due - for every trade mark (registered, filed or used under licence)

€ 570.00 + VAT - if due - Registration fee

Industrial manufacturers and artisans; designers and distributors (only those firms which carry out at least two of the following activities concerning the products exhibited: design, manufacture, distribution); trade newspapers, magazines and publications; trade associations, consortia and organizations

Accessories, Objects, Fabrics.
The exhibit area is divided into different product styles: design, classic, XLux.

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