As from 12 January 2024
Stand allotment advice (exhibitors in the latest edition of the shows)
First-time applicants and companies who didn't participate in the latest edition of the exhibitions will be notified of their stand assignment after spaces have been assigned to exhibitors who participated in the latest edition of the shows.


19 February 2024
Obligatory forwarding of stand plans. 
The stand plan must be uploaded on the section "Stand design" of the Exhibitor portal of Fiera Milano S.p.A.


5 - 15 April 2024 (with the exclusion of April 6 and 7)
Stand set-up times


16 - 21 April 2024
Exhibition dates


22 - 24 April 2024
Stand breakdown times

More information will be provided in the Fiera Milano circular letter "Rules about Setting up and Dismantling".