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We give the right light to your space

Vivida International is a company that manufactures and markets lighting fixtures designed to meet all consumer needs.




Founded in 2016 Vivida International is just the latest piece of a larger company project. Established in fact to open a bridge to trade with European markets and to speed up the production and distribution procedures of products, Vivida International lays its foundations in 2005 with the birth of its Italian sister company Vivida Srl.

Both companies work to produce and market furnishing components for lighting in which functionality and aesthetics manage to find a perfect union, giving rise to products adaptable to the various contexts and multiple requirements of contemporary living.

All with an eye always on energy saving. In fact, Vivida International products use the most modern integrated LED technology, thus guaranteeing careful use of energy.

With a distribution network of more than 400 points of sale between large-scale retail and distribution Sector Specialists and with the valuable collaboration of around 30 agents, Vivida International guarantees an excellent coverage of the national market. Added to this is the penetration of the European market, made possible by the current 36 distributors on the old continent.

The continuous search for the best lighting solutions and the desire to always respond to the demands of the market leads, in 2021, to the birth of the Luminascente brand.

The Vivida International family thus expands into the world of home automation. The majority of Luminascente lamps are in fact equipped with smart technology to be able to programme their use in both time and manner.



Born from the successful combination of technological research, the study of modern design trends and the desire to provide maximum functionality in terms of lighting, all the products are created to meet a specific need of the modern consumer.

Every year, the range of choices offered by the company for furnishing its spaces increases, as does the awareness that Vivida International's products are the answer to the needs of an increasingly changing lifestyle.