VENINI was established in 1921 by the Milanese lawyer Paolo Venini. VENINI gained the most extraordinary achievements in the world of handmade blown glass. Over time, Venini entered into important partnerships with international artists.

The spirits of Venini’s unmistakable identity have always been imprinted upon my memory.
When I work for this noble company, I always try to connect to the mystery of archetypes that led to such a precise style with such a long history, and I seek to interpret that.
I believe that the Venini taste is the fruit of an enchanted mix, created over time, of a few exclusive techniques, a handful of exceptional artists who were inventors of forms, and a predilection for certain colors.
This tradition and these boundaries are Venini’s magic formula.
Its hortus conclusus (enclosed garden) is one of humanity’s wonders. It contains the calmness and skill of clear craftsmanship that has remained pure and intact throughout time, incorruptible by the violence of fashion, an example and proof of perfection.


VENINI: a story, an artistic excellence, a typically Italian passion.
Founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini, a Milanese lawyer, and Giacomo Cappellin, a Venetian antiques dealer, Venini SpA, then Cappellin - Venini & C., would become a model of excellence in the world of artistic glass, laying the foundations for a stylistic identity that still distinguishes it today.

Over time, Venini entered into important partnerships with artists such as Napoleone Martinuzzi, Carlo Scarpa, Vittorio Zecchin, and, in the post-war period, Gio Ponti and Mimmo Rotella; then came the contributions of designers and architects the likes of Peter Marino, Tadao Ando, Gae Aulenti, Massimiliano Fuksas, Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Gaetano Pesce, Emmanuel Babled, Francesco Lucchese, Monica Guggisberg, Philip Baldwin, and Ron Arad., Michela Cattai.

The forms and style of the original artistic production are thus continuously refreshed. With its iconic projects and new creations, the glassworks presents its works in two collections:
Art Glass brings together a series of extraordinary sculptural vases and objects for interior decoration; Art Light features chandeliers and important lighting installations for large public or private spaces.

Venini boasts an unmatched colour palette that, together with the glassworking techniques, is part of a cultural heritage handed down from generation to generation. The Venini furnace is, in fact, the only one capable of producing 125 colours of glass, the fruit of a long and passionate search for formulae yielding new combinations. Furthermore, the structure is organized to work with a palette of 12 colours, using 12 ovens simultaneously fired up.

VENINI has always created objects with a timeless design that are destined to appreciate in value.
Thanks to the excellence of quality, the high artistic content, and the manufacturing value intrinsic to each piece, the hammer prices of VENINI glassware reach record figures at major auctions; in fact, the highest price ever paid for a Murano art object was for a VENINI piece, “La Sentinella di Venezia” of 1962, which fetched 737 thousand dollars.

Creations bearing the Venini signature have become part of the permanent collections of museums of such calibre as the Metropolitan Museum and MoMA in New York, the Fondation Cartier in Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Venini’s own museum contains 45,000 drawings, 10,000 vintage photos and 4,000 works of art, making it the most valuable historical archive of modern and contemporary glass art.

Since 2016, the Damiani family (owners of the homonymous international luxury jewellery brand), have held the controlling interest in Venini S.p.A., and their aim is to promote one of Italy’s most authentically excellent brands.


Grains of sand - impalpable, imperceptible, invisible, yet as present as the passage of time.

In perennial balance between two different colors, the sand passes between two glass puffs, taking on the color, becoming part of it.


Fazzoletto - Does it move with the wind? Will it move when I blow on it? Shall I try? Fazzoletto (‘Handkerchief’) is one of the first works designed by Fulvio Bianconi for Venini and is created by a master glassmith with a soft, but firm, sweeping gesture.

A gesture that is art, magic, poetry and pride, as it has become part of the permanent exhibits at the MoMA in New York.



Elementi componibili in vetro lavorato a mano mediante colatura del vetro. Le Piastre possono essere lisce, con decori colorati oppure con superfici caratterizzateda texture particolari.

Clessidre Sommerse

Una nuova serie di Clessidre arricchisce la collezione ideata da Fulvio Bianconi e Paolo Venini.

Il vetro sommerso avvolge e racchiude i due soffi che custodiscono il fluire dei granelli attraverso l’incalmo. In un mondo sospeso tra il passato e il presente, le nuove Clessidre Sommerse emergono come gioielli intemporali che narrano il trascorrere implacabile del tempo. 


Venini x MSC

Venini - FOLIAE

il progetto FOLIAE trae ispirazione dal Banyan, albero dalle radici aeree, unita alla passione del designer per la sequenza di Fibonacci, rintracciabile anche in natura, che decodifica la capacità delle piante di minimizzare la sovrapposizione delle foglie. Questi due elementi sono alla base dell’ideazione di un modulo versatile, realizzato in vetro di Murano e disponibile in diverse versioni a forma romboidale, con una parete concava all’interno, che ricordano una foglia. Grandi installazioni sceniche costruite dalla modularità del progetto che danno vita a sfere luminose ma anche a cascate di vetro sospese nel vuoto.

VENINI - Fantasmino

Fantasmino - The special relationship between light and matter that has always been the hallmark of VENINI glassware return in this line of table and floor lamps that bring the Opalino technique of the 15th century back to life.

The shape is reminiscent of VENINI's iconic Fazzoletto vase, designed in 1948, but with a contemporary twist due to its portability.

Available in five trendy colours, Red, Orange, Amber, Aquamarine and Milk White, all in Opalino glass, these playful lamps will add a touch allure to the home.


Venini x MSC

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