Tarocco Vaccari Group


The Italian culture blends in with the classical tradition forming a pleasant stylistic synthesis

Two stories that were happy to join together to carry on offering their passion for wood to the whole world. Since then everything has been hand-worked by skilled artisan-masters and finished up with the capacity and taste for elegance. Sergio Tarocco and Giovanni Vaccari decided to join their firms which were created in the fifties and have been developed in Bovolone, one of the main area for Italian furniture. That’s the birth of Tarocco Vaccari group. Their sons Roberto Tarocco and Giordano Vaccari, after picking up the challenge of a binding generational passage, have been carrying on the usual passion to transform valuable wood into chest of drawers, desk, showcases, consoles, secrétaires, dressing-tables.Reproduction masterpieces, the firm enhances with the touch of creativity of some contemporary designers and in which the original soul produces a peculiar identity which matches with contemporaneity. Styles that become dining-rooms, bed-rooms, bookcases for the Italian market and let the Tarocco Vaccari Group be in position to propose a choice among over 500 models together with a continuous development of prototypes designed for his costumers and manufactured by the devoted department. Furnishings rigorously hand finished by 50 specialized partners and the continuous quality control contributes to make exclusive the furnishings which are manufactured in Bovolone, with a unique “made in Italy” that can fascinate and be on the market at a competitive price.Welcome in our company.