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Furniture manufacturers since 1994.

"Made in Italy, it is not just geographical: it is the result of Italian ingenuity, passion and culture, but most importantly world leading design. 



Night and Day area in pure contemporary style.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Making the product accessible to all levels of the market, allows STATUS to export Beautiful Italian furniture in about 80 countries worldwide, supplying wholesaler customers, retail shops and developing projects upon specific request.
Thanks to the highly industrialization of the production system, STATUS guarantees the best service in terms of timely delivery and keeping high quality standards, all achieved through our accurate quality control process.

From the birth of an idea to the realization of a dream: to export the concept of Italian lifestyle and taste all over the world, making the “Made in Italy Furniture” an ambassador of these ideals.


A dream come true over thirty years ago, when Emiliano Piovesana, gave life to Status Italy brand, now recognized internationally in over eighty markets.

“We learned to know and assimilate the riches of other cultures, languages ​​and lifestyles, to then readjust everything in a Made in Italy leit-motiv”

It all began with the first trip, with a suitcase and a dictionary, in search of customers and cultures to discover. Since that moment, our furniture and the distinctive Status style have spread to major international markets, with a differentiation strategy that has made the company solid and rooted in the territory.

Now in its second generation, Status renews itself in the modern and contemporary furniture retail market, with its own family-run business identity, enriched by furniture professionals who have become vital part of the Status family over the years.

 Status is based near Venice, a fertile ground for ideas, rich in history, art and culture. A place where the combination of design and industry has been established for more than seventy years, giving birth to the Northeast Furniture Productive Hub.

For over thirty years, our company has been reinterpreting the multiple needs of an international market. Needs that we were able to satisfy through an innovative idea of ​​aesthetics, quality in the details and attention to our customers.

Our philosophy consists in the development and production of furniture, which is 100% Made in Italy, always synonymous of Quality, Innovation, and Design, promoting our Italian style to a worldwide audience, to all peripheral countries.

“Made in Italy” epitomises our company’s philosophy which inspires all our creations: STATUS furniture is 100% conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy by accurately selecting the top finest components and raw materials from the best Italian suppliers.

Our R&D departments monitor market trends and collaborate with architects and external designers, enabling Status to produce the highest quality design, at a very attractive price with fast production time and delivery.

Making the product accessible to all levels of the market, allowing STATUS to export Beautiful Italian furniture all over the world.

Our sales team is an integral part of our family business providing each customer with the most competent and personalized pre and post-sale service, declined to the most demanding requirements making the Status experience a pleasurable one.

Thanks to the highly industrialization of the production system, we guarantee the best service in terms of timely delivery and keeping high quality standards, all achieved through our accurate quality control process ensured during the entire manufacturing procedure.

Due to experience and knowledge of export, we have developed and currently provide our furniture with packaging systems conceived to prevent damages associated with long distance furniture transport.

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Status product quality and sustainability are guaranteed by our 100% Made in Italy supply chain. The combination of Cutting edge technology, research for new and innovative materials, and development of new designs is the key formula to satisfy the most demanding international clientele.

Every single item is the result of the passion and of diligence of our designers who are constantly involved in the sustainable development of innovative models and concepts.

Our panels and raw materials are 100% recyclable, free from toxic adhesives, and they are compliant with the most recent international standards on harmful emissions, guaranteeing the production of a safe final product, without risks to health.

The quality of our product finishing is ensured by an advanced lacquering process that provides the panels with multi-layer Acrylic lacquer coating with a fast drying system by UV oven. This process results in high quality of color finishing and greater scratch resistant surface if compared to quality standards present in the market, granting the best chromatic quality and enhancing the depth of the color.

Our company Status among the various awards obtained has been selected and named in the report “GreenItaly 2020” published by “Symbola”, the National Foundation that promotes and gathers all Italian Quality excellence, among the most environment, sustainability and recycling-friendly Italian companies.