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Our 8.000 sq.m Atelier is where Light moves beyond the expected, transforming into eclectic, contemporary, and unique illumination that blends aesthetics and ethics using exclusive materials and sustainable technology.

Slamp does not simply create illumination to resolve the issue of visualizing a space or an object, instead focusing on igniting the “Internal Light” within us all. And it is exactly that: an internal light that some manifest brightly, others a little less. 

We could also call it internal energy, and there are ways to nurture and multiply this energy. 

A smile, the sensation of joy, or love, or personal harmony, all contribute to positive energy, increasing “Internal Light”. This is not something that happens on its own; we need a mirror, a person, an object, or a place that allows us to identify and absorb this light. 

Slamp has been at the forefront of creating innovative, original, eclectic, and contemporary lamps since 1994, taking current inspiration from the natural world, architectural and sartorial genius, and artistic trends. Slamp creates suggestive, luminous, and versatile objects using the latest generation of materials, manually moulded into elements that combined together, make up a luxurious landscape.


"For those who are curious,
For those who can’t get enough,
For those who believe in beauty ,
For those who carry their home
wherever their heart desires,
For those who fall in love
every day."

We handcraft unique lamps. The Women who "tailor light" are at the heart of our operations, expertly handcrafting each piece with harmonoius, fluid movement.

We represent Sustainability. Our flexible, resistant, durable technopolymers are thermically, chemically, and electrically optimized. They undergo low-impact cold cutting that eliminates Co2 emissions, and we recycle excess cuttings, transforming them into new objects. 

We are globally distributed. With flagship stores in London and Milan, 6 online shops in Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, and the United kingdom, and a network of affiliated shop-in-shops, our customers have access to Slamp's handcrafted masterpieces in over 100 countries throughout the world.

The privilege of creatively contributing to a sustainable, systemic and inclusive cultural model has made us responsible for our social impact. We manage our available natural, financial and human resources efficiently and strategically, generating company value trough growth that leads to the community's socio-economic development and improvement.


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