Rubinetterie Stella


Rubinetterie STELLA, for almost 140 years has represented an icon of “Made in Italy” in the production of taps and bathroom accessories 

STELLA products are the concretization of experience, industrial research and craftsmanship of each single component. 

Solidity of materials, constant research of functional and avant-guard technical solutions, attention to details and aesthetics, mechanical processing performed in small batches with check-ups at each step, use of bronze material, chosen for its greater guarantee of durability for the concealed bodies, high level of craftsmanship thanks to which the company is able to provide customized products, according to the client’s designs, in limited series, exceptional quality finishes, which can be achieved through very accurate cleaning and polishing. These several phases aim at eliminating any defect on the surfaces of each piece, ensuring the perfect adhesion of the finish coatings: these are just some of the aspects that characterize our production. 


Serie Sirius


Serie Eccelsa, 1929


Serie Roma, 1926


Serie Italica

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Over the years, to the Historical Collection such as ITALICA (1921), ROMA (1926) and ECCELSA (1929), the company have added the Contemporary Collections, characterized by a modern design: BAMBOO and BAMBOO QUADRO, a line of mixers created by architect Marco PIVA , CASANOVA, signed by architect Maurizio DURANTI, TITIAN and 130 designed by the archistar Michele DE LUCCHI, SIRIUS, born from the project of architect Arnaud BEHZADI.