Riva Mobili D'Arte

Classic Luxury Dining Room - Comacina Collection

Riva Mobili D'Arte interprets classic furniture with elegance and originality, creating precious works of art marked by great craftsmanship, uniqueness of design, love of perfection, and extreme attention to detail.

Riva Mobili D'Arte - The Masterpiece

One of the masterpieces of the Comacina Collection is the piano; a piano from the 1800s, an object of timeless charm, enriched by a painting on the inside that fits well into any furnishing context.

Riva Mobili D'Arte - Comacina Collection

Comacina is a collection with sinuous yet strong lines, floral decorations and warm pastel shades. A triumph of shapes and colours that fascinate thanks to the precision of the details, the delicate and romantic notes of the shades, the delicate carvings that embrace the harmonious profiles and the majestic inlays that recall the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

Riva Mobili D'Arte - Bolvedro Collection

Mother-of-pearl embellishes the wide headboard of the Bolvedro bed, giving it an imperial look.

Riva Mobili D'Arte - Lighting

Imposing and fascinating, the chandeliers by Riva Mobili D'Arte are furnishing elements that can embellish any room, from the living room to the dining room to the bedroom.

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The company, located in Meda, in the heart of Brianza, the cradle of design, is known throughout the world for the production of high-end Made in Italy furniture. The entire production, which is typically handcrafted, takes place in the factory, which covers an area of over 8,000 square metres and houses all the processing stages. Each master craftsman is responsible for his own task and carries out his work with an expertise that has been handed down from generation to generation. All processing steps are carefully attended to, selecting the best materials and essences to guarantee quality and a prestigious result. The company has several collections for different environments, as well as numerous complementary articles such as carpets, lighting, fabrics and decorative objects for a total living look. In addition to the collections, Riva Mobili D'Arte is able to realise made-to-measure projects, realising the desires and dreams of its customers: customised furniture, but also boiserie, flooring, doors with high quality control and extreme flexibility. Innovation, research and fidelity to the brand's heritage, elegance and attention to detail, uniqueness of design have allowed Riva Mobili D'Arte to be, today, a point of reference in the luxury furniture market worldwide.

The search for detail, the love for perfection and the uniqueness of design make the Riva Mobili D'Arte Group the reference point in the luxury furniture market. These are the elements that can never be missing in every piece of furniture that comes out of the company and that make Riva Mobili D'Arte one of the best Italian luxury furniture and interior design brands. The secret of success is certainly continuous innovation and research, always with a precious touch of tradition that will always be present in our work. It is an honour to represent authentic Made in Italy through our company and our products: luxury beds, luxury sofas, classic sofas, luxury living rooms, classic and luxury dining tables, luxury chairs.

New for Salone 2024 is the presentation of the new Rivatelier, the Maison's contemporary furniture brand. Under the creative and artistic direction of Daniel Christopher, a young designer chosen by Cav. Francesco Riva to follow this transformation and evolution, the new RIVATELIER will be officially presented during Salone del Mobile Milano. In the heart of hectic cities, where time seems to flow as fast as the wind between skyscrapers, there is a refuge for those seeking the true essence of beauty. It is a place where the very concept of beauty is transformed into something deeper, something that goes beyond the surface, penetrating the soul of those who venture there. The history of this enchanted place is intertwined with the intrinsic concept that true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. And it is here, within the walls of the new RIVATELIER, that this belief comes to life. Every piece of furniture, every detail treated with love and dedication, is an invocation to beauty understood as an emotional experience, capable of telling a unique story. The concept of beauty goes beyond aesthetic appearance; it is an inner journey that leads to self-discovery. And RIVATELIER's mission is precisely this: to offer guests the opportunity to surround themselves with furniture that reflects their most authentic essence, transporting them back in time, to the most precious and significant moments of their lives. Each piece, with its clean, modern lines, is the result of a creative process that goes beyond the mere creation of furniture. It is an act of love, a tribute to the beauty that resides in the human experience. And so, with every stroke of the pencil and with every gesture in production, RIVATELIER strives to keep this vision alive, attending to every aspect with the utmost dedication and attention, so that each new product that leaves its doors is a bearer of beauty, art and profound emotion to the world.

Rivatelier - Road Armchair

An armchair with sinuous shapes reminiscent of the curves of a mountain road. A curious design that does not forget comfort and functionality.

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