Preciosa Lighting

Preciosa Signature Design Crystal Grid

Preciosa Lighting creates unrivalled emotional experiences by combining the traditional art form of chandelier craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Connecting people through light

Preciosa Lighting elevates the heritage of Bohemian crystal through contemporary lighting designs. The company is built on centuries of tradition and the unique art of master glass makers from Crystal Valley. They honour this heritage and craftsmanship by creating innovative lighting products that stand the test of time.

Preciosa has been cultivating chandeliers in Crystal Valley, Czech Republic since 1724, ensuring the glass making tradition continues to burn brightly. An important part of this cultivation is ingenuity and technology; lighting alchemy for the 21st century. We place great importance on engaging emotions to create the perfect light. This is something that can be felt when you are in the presence of a Preciosa chandelier.

Preciosa Signature Designs

Signature Designs are an exclusive concept that allows designers to completely customize Preciosa's lighting designs for their space. Signature Designs are authentic, timeless and celebrate design. Each offers unlimited design possibilities, including different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods.

Crystal Grid, Preciosa Signature Design

Crystal Spin, Preciosa Signature Design

Diamond Cloud, Preciosa Signature Design

Inspiral, Preciosa Signature Design

Pearl Curtain, Preciosa Signature Design

Pearl Drop, Preciosa Signature Design

Pearl Wave, Preciosa Signature Design

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

Fancy yourself a burst of inspiration, crystal, and light?

Preciosa DesignLab is a collaborative space, showcasing the range of talent and craft Preciosa possesses, from its long tradition and extensive glassmaking know-how to the materials and their variations and the latest technologies. It features 2500 components of different shapes, colours, treatments, and lighting effects, as well as the latest lighting technologies, including kinetic, dynamic, and interactive installations, which Preciosa is well-known for.

100 crafts under one roof

All of Preciosa’s work is done under one roof where one hundred professions come together to craft the perfect light. From the first sketch to the mock-up to production to finishing and assembling, Preciosa’s professional team ensures the highest quality and greatest attention to detail. Our advanced R&D Lab is ready to add an innovative touch. Nearly all of our production is done by hand. Glass is in our DNA; we breathe it, sculpt it, refine and shape it.