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Our products have been decorating homes all over the world for over seventy years. A harmonious blend of contemporary inspirations and time-honoured artisanal skills, our designs honour the 'made in Italy' guarantee of high quality.


Beam table


Nyan bed


Softbay armchair

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Porada introduces Twenty-Four, a new collection developed in continuity with the past for the type of products offered, including both novelties and extensions of existing pieces. True to Porada's spirit, the collection draws inspiration from the culture and interpretation of Italian bourgeois furniture from the 1970s, with shapes, silhouettes and colours reinterpreted in a contemporary context. 

2024 marked the introduction of new fabrics, leathers and iridescent colours, including rust, green and navy blue, reflecting a concept of contemporary and timeless elegance. Also the range of available marbles has been expanded, with the introduction of Patagonia, Rosso Levanto and Silver Wave, along with new warm Rock finishes: Salt, Sand and Stone. This harmonious collection is characterised by familiar aesthetic canons with soft, rounded lines and welcoming structures, thus showcasing our craftsmanship passed down through three generations.