Pan S.r.l.


PAN which has always been focused on the lighting sector, was founded in 1987 and over the years has made itself known and appreciated as a qualified player on national and international markets.

Euroluce, Hall 15 Stand 136

A passionate and sensitive work group has been able to enhance past experiences while updating their technical and aesthetic contents. The contents of the catalogues, indoor and outdoor, meet the primary needs of the lighting sector. A trendy product range which is often capable to anticipate the needs of designers, architects and specialists of the sector. Research, innovation, quality, advanced production systems, sustainability, use of qualified partnerships, are the primary cornerstones on which the company's choices are based. With the development of skills as one of the main objects, PAN succeeds in managing and profiting from the opportunities and technologies that are constantly evolving. The company is able to satisfy the most needs of contracts, residential and exquisitely professional applications. Contemporary aesthetic criteria are at the basis of the activities giving formal and design studies much importance. PAN considers the lighting sector as a primary element in the design of the environment, capable of influencing and qualifying our daily life. Constantly looking for hi-tech solutions, PAN has developed excellent working systems modifying the classic customer - supplier relationship. The customer and his needs are the central point on which the company focuses its work, the project and the construction of the product. PAN constantly works alongside technicians and designers, offering its know-how in the belief of granting added value in its field.

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